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Our History


Our history began in the spring of 1897, when the Reverends Lunda Lee and Ezra Godwin were conducting a revival under a bush harbor (near where the Charles Ray Bradshaw house now stands at 243 Hargrove Road). After the revival, the services continued in a tenant house that belonged to A.C. and Appie Bass (the grandparents of Irene Brewer, Naomi Shipp, Perry Bradshaw, Lona Jane Flowers, and Lottie Hobbs). That house was somewhere near the brush harbor. on July 23rd 1897, A.C. and Appie Bass deeded one acre of land to the Cape Fear Free Will Baptist Conference for the purpose of erecting a church. The people of the community, with the Lord's blessing, gave logs and hauled them to the mill to be sawed and the lumber was used to build the church. The church was to be put in plain view of those who traveled the main road, now 701 or Hobbton Highway, back then it was the Raleigh Road. Thus the church's name was born, Plain View.

       The church began with 35 charter members. A few of the charter members were A.C. and Appie Bass; Mrs. Betty Haire. who served as the pianist, Lizzie Bradshaw, Laura Odom and Walt Hargrove. Rob Jackson helped in the founding of the church and Pat Highsmith became the first church clerk.

        The original church was one large room, with columns in the center, one door on the right and one on the left. In the front of the church was a wood or coal heater. The "Amen" corner was on the right and the choir sat on the left. The ladies sat on the right (the one closer to the heater) and the men sat on the left side. Some years later, Mr. R.I.Herring directed the choir.

         Since word did not travel as fast as it does today, and Pastors usually had more than one church to attend to,the church services were sometimes once a month. The people would come with there families in there horse and buggies. As time passed, the church services became more frequent, they went to twice a month and then full time. Also in later years there was a Fifth Sunday Sing., with different churches as host, and dinners were served on the grounds. The attendees used to put wire between two trees to hold the food.

         The church was originally a member of the Cape Fear Free Will Baptist Conference and was know as the Old Free Will Baptist Church. In 1907 Pentecostal Baptism was preached in this community and the people accepted it, so it became a Full Gospel Church. In 1936, the church was transferred to the Wilmington Conference. In 1958, a deed was made by the Trustees of the Cape Fear Free Will Baptist Conference to the Trustees of Plain View Free Baptist Church, thus giving Plain View Church full ownership of its property. In 1959, the New River, Cape Fear and Wilmington Conferences united as one and became known as Pentecostal free Will Baptist with headquarters in Dunn, N.C.

         Many of the members today are decendants of the early founders of the church. Others are new on the scene ~ all our members are an integral part of this church. With each challenge we have encountered, we became stronger in our faith. We have truly been blessed !!

          We invite you to become a part of the church today and a piece of its history tomorrow.